Some Photos I Took!


Kitchen Flooring in the Dollshouse

More progress! All I did for this was grab a picture of floorboards off Google then print it out 4 to a page over 3 pages, cut them out and stuck them down with glue stick. So now the floor has some nice floorboard texture that I’m thinking of doing in the games room and study too, since it looks so nice.

Fireball Drossel Figma Review

I procrastinated writing her review for a couple of days but here we are! Fireball Drossel Figma review time! I’ve been so excited playing with her I haven’t really planned my review much but here we go!


I love this figure (and this character) but despite this I don’t touch her alternate hair/head parts at all. They’re not as cute or versatile, and unbalance her quite a bit. I also struggle to think of fun poses with them, since I don’t like them much. I can however appreciate the detail and care put into them, they’re delicate little things. Since I don’t like their design all that much however, there’s not much else I can really say besides that they were easy to apply and remove.

On to her articulation; it’s incredible. She is almost certainly the best articulated figure I have ever owned and the first to have such effective ankle tilts, she is so well balanced that as you can see I haven’t touched her stand once, she simply doesn’t need it! This balance is aided by her adorably oversized feet, allowing her to balance even on one foot without a stand. Her articulation also benefits from a lack of any clothing, all my other figures have (lovely) but complex and often restrictive outfits that do limit their articulation but since Drossel is a robot she has no such restrictions and her articulation is almost certainly the best of any figure I own!

I think my favourite thing about Drossel is that as she is unlimited by faceplates (because, well, she only really has one. This not only decreases the need for tiresome face swapping but means her poses are not at all limited by the faceplates on offer.) or clothing she works much like a tiny robot companion. I have taken to posing her investigating things around my room, and lazing around my desk. She’s really fun because her poses are limitless and I don’t seem to tire of posing her at all! Definitely a worthwhile purchase. I love her so much that my desire for the original Drossel Figma (usually retailing at around £60 as I write this) has increased to an extent at which I believe if I see her on sale anywhere and I have the money I’ll definitely purchase her. She’s just so versatile and fun.

I’ll leave you with that, I think! I’m working on getting her some little pieces of clothing, I think a tiny oversized hoodie would be especially cute on her. Well, thank you for reading!

Drossel confused by a human ‘Kitchen’