Collection Overview

I have a pretty small (but rapidly expanding) collection, so I’ll just cover all of those toys briefly.


                                     My collection

Cure Happy S.H Figuart

She was one of the first toys I ever bought, and I love her. She’s a very versatile figure with good articulation (thanks to Bandai giving the recent Precure Figuarts pull down leg and shoulder ball joints, massively increasing their range of movement). She can stand on her own easily despite her huge hair pieces and she’s very, very fun to play with. Her face plates are lovely too, her crying expression being tragically adorable.

Cardcaptor Sakura Figuart

My most recent acquisition, and one of my favourites, perhaps even warranting her own dedicated review. If I was to summarise I’d simply say it’s clear to see the love and attention put into her, she has actually decreased the number of Nendoroids I plan on collecting on account of how much fun she is to play with, and how little effort doing so requires in comparison to a Nendoroid. She stands alone well, and comes with a nice range of accessories, her articulation is excellent considering her limiting clothes (even her little wings are on ball joints!)

Cure Lemonade Figuart

Can you see a developing pattern? I have somewhat of a weakness for magical girls. They are just so cute. She has her up and downsides in comparison to Cure Happy. Her articulation on her arms and legs is definitively inferior, no pull down joints here! However owing to the shape and length of her skirt design she can sit down in a variety of positions easily and she is very poseable despite her limited articulation. I regularly pose her in ballet positions and she accomplishes them with ease, though sadly as she did not come with a stand it takes some effort to get her to remain in them. Nonetheless I am very fond of her.













Hatsune Miku Nendoroid 33

Probably one of my favourite Nendoroids, her paint looks really lovely and clean and she poses well. She was rather lacking in accessories however.

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid 106

My Black Rock Shooter Nendo was a gift, and she’s quite nice! Her poses are pretty fun and dramatic for a Nendoroid, though I think more dark, sleek characters like hers who come from combat based origins are better portrayed in a less stylised and more articulated way. I’m still very fond of her though.

Madoka Nendoroid

The first Nendoroid I ever owned! She holds a great deal of sentimental value thanks to that, and is always kept pride of place on my desk. Her posing is actually pretty limited, and she can only really do what is shown on the box, though since she’s a Nendoroid it’s to be expected


I’ll stop there as far as Nendoroids are concerned. Since they all have the same level of articulation there isn’t much to say about each different one all at once. I will say that one of the best features of the Nendoroid line is the cross compatibility of the figures respective parts. This really increases posing potential for figures with such limited articulation. Well, that covers my collection! I hope to have many more figures to write about, in much more detail soon. Thank you for reading!

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