Dolls House Progress!

Well so far it only has three rooms started on, and is looking pretty pathetic to be honest but it’s nice seeing it develop! I’m going to wallpaper all four rooms before I finish decorating them. I’m just a little stuck on what the fourth room should be! I don’t want a bathroom, and the room is situated in such an odd spot. I’ll probably opt for a games type room/bedroom with games consoles and computers and similar such things. I’ll also be lighting the whole affair with warm golden LEDs. Well, enough of that. Here’s what I have so far!

Mayoi Hachikuji Figma Review

Hachikuji finally arrived! I was so excited to get her, as she’s just too cute. I haven’t watched the anime yet though, but I am working on it. Anyway, let’s start on my first proper review, shall we?


Hachikuji is adorable in her Figma form, even if her accessories are a little limited. She does come with her signature huge backpack, but it’s such an integral part of her design it should be a given. With that in mind, she only comes with a mere 3 accessories and 3 face plates! (and four  extra hand parts) The accessories she does come with however are really adorable. I adore rainy weather so I love her 2 umbrella parts, (one open and one closed.) she looks really cute holding her little umbrella! She also has a crouching leg part. Her face plates are nice too, I love the default and closed eye smile ones, and the angry one could make for some interesting posing! It would have been nice to get four, with an upset or excited expression but I’m pretty satisfied with them.

As for her articulation, Max Factory have done an excellent job for such a tiny figure. Her skirt is a very soft plastic which allows for a lot of leg movement and she can even sit with ease. The most limited parts are her hands as they have Figmas usual joint, with no side to side motion whatsoever. This can limit her posing a little but it’s to be expected with a Figma, so I’m not disappointed! Her detailing is immaculate too. I  can’t find a single flaw in her paint, and nothing is missing from her design.

One thing to bear in mind however is her backpack unbalances her a lot. She can hardly stand with it on whilst wearing it, unless she’s on her stand of course. When I tried to pose her wearing the huge thing without said stand, she fell over! You can see she wasn’t very happy about the whole ordeal, even when returned to her stand.

Hachikuji is so much fun to pose! I’ve had a lot of fun fiddling around with her, her faceplates may be limiting in some ways but they’re so versatile and expressive it doesn’t matter. Her design is so lovely. She is an adorable figure and I love her! I would warn that if you want to get her, try and get her for less than £40. I love her, and she’s £40 worth of enjoyment but not necessarily worth that much in terms of what she is and what she comes with. Keep in mind that unless you really love this figure it  might not be worth paying that much! I’m glad I did however, and you’ll be seeing more of her in the future, I hope. Goodbye for now!

In the Post~

I have quite a lot of stuff on the way at the moment and have decided to hold myself back from purchases for a while. I’m starting to work on a dolls house in which to display my figures, especially now I’m getting more and more. Pictures of that will be posted as I work on it!

As this month passes I had a little too much money and being as impulsive as I am pre-ordered the YuGiOh Figma and Nya-Tan. Add that to the Umaru pre-order I already had and the three other figures currently in the post and you have quite the problem. The aforementioned three figures are the Hachikuji Figma, (Although I am yet to watch the anime, I saw her price drop and decided to buy her since I think she’s so cute. Besides, umbrella parts are always great! Particularly for photo opportunities.)  a Fireball Drossel Figma and a Dark Precure Figuart I saw on AmiAmi pre owned! I have mild concerns for Dark Precures condition, as it was listed as ‘C’ but I’ll be posting about her in relation to the rating she was given when I do review her. Hopefully I won’t be too disappointed, as I really love her character and her design.

So, as I mentioned before I’m beginning work on a dolls house to display my figures in. I’ve had one since I was a child and used it to store cosmetics and old trinkets in until recently, moving them out and disposing of those I didn’t use to free up the space within again. I’ve completed (well, a sort of work-in-progress completion) a bedroom already, and am just moving on to a living room now. I’ll complete a kitchen and dining room after that before moving on to finally completing a sort of library/games room. It’ll no doubt take me a while, but it’s a project! I need to stagger my purchases a little anyway. Once I’ve fully completed this dolls house I think I’ll move on to creating dioramas. I’ll post any work and progress as I do, and hopefully will have some photos of the work so far pretty soon.

Well, that’s an update. I’ll be back soon, hopefully. Goodbye!

Collection Overview

I have a pretty small (but rapidly expanding) collection, so I’ll just cover all of those toys briefly.


                                     My collection

Cure Happy S.H Figuart

She was one of the first toys I ever bought, and I love her. She’s a very versatile figure with good articulation (thanks to Bandai giving the recent Precure Figuarts pull down leg and shoulder ball joints, massively increasing their range of movement). She can stand on her own easily despite her huge hair pieces and she’s very, very fun to play with. Her face plates are lovely too, her crying expression being tragically adorable.

Cardcaptor Sakura Figuart

My most recent acquisition, and one of my favourites, perhaps even warranting her own dedicated review. If I was to summarise I’d simply say it’s clear to see the love and attention put into her, she has actually decreased the number of Nendoroids I plan on collecting on account of how much fun she is to play with, and how little effort doing so requires in comparison to a Nendoroid. She stands alone well, and comes with a nice range of accessories, her articulation is excellent considering her limiting clothes (even her little wings are on ball joints!)

Cure Lemonade Figuart

Can you see a developing pattern? I have somewhat of a weakness for magical girls. They are just so cute. She has her up and downsides in comparison to Cure Happy. Her articulation on her arms and legs is definitively inferior, no pull down joints here! However owing to the shape and length of her skirt design she can sit down in a variety of positions easily and she is very poseable despite her limited articulation. I regularly pose her in ballet positions and she accomplishes them with ease, though sadly as she did not come with a stand it takes some effort to get her to remain in them. Nonetheless I am very fond of her.













Hatsune Miku Nendoroid 33

Probably one of my favourite Nendoroids, her paint looks really lovely and clean and she poses well. She was rather lacking in accessories however.

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid 106

My Black Rock Shooter Nendo was a gift, and she’s quite nice! Her poses are pretty fun and dramatic for a Nendoroid, though I think more dark, sleek characters like hers who come from combat based origins are better portrayed in a less stylised and more articulated way. I’m still very fond of her though.

Madoka Nendoroid

The first Nendoroid I ever owned! She holds a great deal of sentimental value thanks to that, and is always kept pride of place on my desk. Her posing is actually pretty limited, and she can only really do what is shown on the box, though since she’s a Nendoroid it’s to be expected


I’ll stop there as far as Nendoroids are concerned. Since they all have the same level of articulation there isn’t much to say about each different one all at once. I will say that one of the best features of the Nendoroid line is the cross compatibility of the figures respective parts. This really increases posing potential for figures with such limited articulation. Well, that covers my collection! I hope to have many more figures to write about, in much more detail soon. Thank you for reading!

Nendoroids as opposed to Figma, Figuarts etc.

It cannot be stated that I do not love Nendoroids. They are cute, versatile and affordable figures with their own merits, but I cannot help but prefer the more articulated figures occasionally disregarded for their visible joints.

To give credit where due, Good Smile excels in making a poseable figure with no visible joints whatsoever but in my opinion in doing so they sacrifice playability for aesthetic.
I will not deny how cute Nendoroids can be. Their chibi style can be so well suited to some characters and yet I find that although the Nendoroids I own sit in plain sight at all times, they are less often touched than my Figuarts. One would have to therefore suppose that they are simply less fun and in some ways, one would be right.

I would argue however that they are only less fun owing to the hassle required to pose them and their rather limited playability. No matter what  you say, having to fiddle around with dozens of parts just to find the right face or arm so the character can have the slightest change in pose is time consuming and as someone with very little energy a lot of the time I find posing Nendoroids to be almost a chore on occasion. Having to open boxes and fish around just so a character can bend their leg is a huge contrast to, you know, bending a figure’s leg. I think this is why as my collection grows, the ratio of Nendoroids to more poseable figures lessens.

Another thing that has been brought to my attention of late is the rather unsuitable style of the Nendoroid for some characters. I personally adore characters with a slender elegance or lanky awkwardness that is poorly if at all conveyed in a chibi style. Extravagant, flamboyant characters with wild gestures are simply not suited to this cute, babyish form. It is hard to convey dramatic poses, specifically those during combat with tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex arms. Nendoroids I once dearly wanted (for example – the Watamote Nendoroid) have become pushed aside as a last resort if no more poseable accurate figure is released. Some characters however are  a perfect fit for the Nendoroid style, and others can look very adorable converted to it. The first example of such a character would have to be Umaru. Regardless of your feelings on that particular character it is unarguable that she was made for Nendoroid form.

Another thing to take into account is very few Nendoroids can stand without their bases. This again limits playability and although not particularly unpleasant looking, Nendoroid stands aren’t the nicest looking things. They stick out like a sore thumb in a diorama! When compared to my Figuarts (all of which can stand without any aid whatsoever) it’s pretty poor.

I conclude that Nendoroids and similar are more suited to those of us who do not often actually play with the toys we collect, if at all. If you don’t like visible joints and like cute stylised things, Nendoroids are perfect. If, however, you regularly want to pose and fiddle with your toys they are less appealing and I would recommend opting for a more easily posed alternative.

Well it seems that is all I have to say on the subject, thank you for reading!


I like cute things made of plastic that I can fiddle with whilst waiting for a game to load, a kettle to boil or a new cute thing made of plastic to arrive in the post.

Mostly these cute things consist of Figmas, Figuarts, Nendoroids, and the odd other toy that catches my eye. I’ll be writing about these things here, because I like writing and I like toys! I hope you enjoy reading these ramblings as much as I do writing them.